What Kind of Journalist is Alex Ellefson and What Do I Want to Ask Him?

Alex Ellefson is a independent journalist who focuses on highlighting injustices against citizens of the United States whether it be by luxury developers, foreign powers, landlords, and others. He seems to truly take in the principle function of journalism, which is to shine light on issues that many of us don’t know about, and give voices to the voiceless. For me, one of my first questions to Mr. Ellefson, what his inspiration is to report on the abuses off the oppressed by the elite or others. I was really intrigued by his story about elderly evictions from Prospect Park residence, and to learn about the profit schemes that many developers have, and their lack of basic empathy to allow individuals to spend their last few years at peace without worrying about being evicted, and finding new places to go. I’d like to know how were you able to approach the elderly citizens in this story, and how did you select narrow down and select the quotes they gave you to go in this article.

He seems able to always attempt to ask the tough questions, and is willing to address  topics that many people don’t always agree with. In your article about how the SJP group at Loyola University feels the school is punishing them for simply speaking their minds, why do you feel its important to report on a group that many individuals find incites violence, and is harmful to maintaining peaceful college communities? It was interesting to hear a side of an issue that is scarcely reported, but there was really no quotes from the administration or other side which could have added credibility to this story. In your mind, can journalists truly be objective and if not why do you feel many still say this is the most important virtue of the profession that needs to be upheld.

Also, what do you feel the future holds in the journalism field? With print journalism dying out, and jobs in the newsroom getting smaller do you think it’s getting easier or harder for journalists to make a living and do their jobs? Many mainstream papers would most likely not report on the issues you’ve covered, as it does not deal with issues that many feel are vital to their interests. Your stories on how residents are trying to fight the end of rent-freezes in Crown Heights was a great example of something many don’t want to address, and I’d like to know how did you uncover the story of the landlord calling the NYPD on its own tenants, and finally how do you determine what makes a good story.


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